Wedding fireworks

  • Wedding fireworks
  • Wedding fireworks
  • Wedding fireworks

Small- or large-scale wedding firework displays can be booked. Seeing that 95% of the population wants fireworks at their wedding, we developed a special show for this group that do not have a large budget. The show has a duration of three very powerful and spectacular minutes.

The show starts with red bengal torches that go over into fountains of up to six meters in height (this lasts about one minute). Just before the fountains stop, we begin a spectacular finale where the sky is filled from top to bottom with firework effects for two minutes.

For this show, we require a 40-meter space around the set up point. We require this space to be able to request a permit from the local authorities.

We offer this show for a fixed price of €1250 excl. VAT.

If your wedding is in Germany, there is also an option to request a permit at the ordnungsamt in the municipality where the wedding will take place. An application from for the permission in included in this catalogue. Upon presentation of the permit, we provide a ready-made package that is easy to set up.

This pack costs €299 incl. VAT.