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Selling fireworks at december 29 - 31

We have been selling fireworks directly to individuals from December 29 – 31 for years. These fireworks are the same as those we have developed for our own shows. The quality of those fireworks is considerably higher than what is sold in the average fireworks shop - and the effects are more intense - have a longer duration , and the colors are brighter.

There is good reason why thousands of individuals buy their fireworks from us. We were getting more and more popular only by word of mouth recommendation. This is primarily due to the excellent quality, but also for the reason of the price. We sell directly to consumers without distributive trades earning a “pretty penny”. Firework products in the Netherlands are often sold to retailers, resulting in high prices.

Our fireworks sale was also featured on TV in broadcasts by the Dutch national news, SBS 6, TV Gelderland, and RTL 4 with a live connection to our bunker park.