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Gas flames / Liquid flames

  • Liquid flames
  • Liquid flames

With the invention of computer- controlled firework shows, the possibilities for gas flames and liquid flames have become unprecedented. The times of putting a flame on and off are long gone; we can now exactly guide the flames with the computer and synchronize them to the beat of the music. The height of the flame can be determined in advance. Gas flames reach a height of up to 4 meters in gas form and the flame can reach a 6 meter height with liquid gas. The latter option can only be used indoor with small cartouches, as liquid gas cylinders are undesirable indoor.

If the flames need to be even higher, we use liquid flames, which can reach a height of 10 meters in the right circumstances. Liquid flames are not the same as liquid gas. We developed the liquid we use for this ourselves, which can also be supplied in various colors. The color range includes yellow, red, green and blue.

Our most recent acquisition are wave flamers, computer-generated liquid flames that can be programmed from left to right in 15 positions, a flame arch from left to right is also possible with these wave flamers.