professional Fireworks company Heron fireworks: specialised in fireworkshows, production and import of consumer fireworks

Heron Fireworks is a Dutch company founded 25 years ago by Hayo Wolff in Veenendaal. After a very successful 10-year period in the Netherlands, the successful period was over due to the disaster in Enschede. All shows were replaced by laser shows or small-scale fireworks shows with consumer fireworks. The shows with professional fireworks were rarely possible. In this period up to 2005, there has been a lot of experience gained with professional laser shows, and we realized the need to further expand the company.

In 2005, we wanted to continue with professional fireworks shows and we moved the company to Germany. This decision turned out to be a golden move because we gained a lot of work on our international experience in the Netherlands. Especially the multimedia shows with fireworks, gas flames and laser were widely booked.

In 2006, the self-import of professional and consumer fireworks began. By applying our expertise to the consumer fireworks, a product was sold throughout Europe. Our products were purchased by fireworks companies throughout Europe because our quality was often better than professional blocks but with the safety distances of consumer fireworks. A second unexpected surprise was that sales by the private individuals in our store in Germany on 29-30 December are being spotted by Dutch fireworks enthusiasts who have also discovered the quality of our fireworks. In the media we have been also noticed. Among other things, the 8-hour news article, sbs6, tv Gelderland, and rtl4 have made broadcasts in recent years.


 Here will be text from David and Hayo !

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